“A woman with beautiful breasts is like a Goddess who enchants the hearts of men”.



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Areola correction

That is, you have decided to have a surgical correction of a sunken nipple. An excellent decision, because once the tissues have healed, you will probably discover the yet unknown charms of nipple sensitivity, which, together with their corrected shape, will change your life. There are many techniques for correcting a concave nipple, but be careful when choosing a method, as many of them require cutting the milk ducts, so women who opt for them forever lose the ability to breastfeed.

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I personally do not use such techniques as I always aim to enable my patients to lactate properly. After treatment, the nipples will look beautiful, but remember that many other factors affect lactation and we can improve nature, but we cannot create something that nature has not given us. If your milk ducts are atrophic or fibrotic, for example, no surgery will enable you to lactate. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare.

I routinely perform this procedure under local anaesthetic. The nipple is pulled out by hand and a small tunnel is created underneath. Two skin flaps are pulled through this tunnel and sewn on the other side. These provide a base for the new position of the nipple, preventing it from collapsing again. After the procedure, you will wear an external shaping mechanism that acts as a scaffold until the wounds are stable. This usually takes 3 weeks and your only job will be to keep this ‘scaffolding’ clean. This mechanism is tiny, so it won’t interfere with your daily activities. Once it is removed, you will be able to enjoy a new chapter in your life.