“Breasts are the secret of feminine power that feeds the body and soul”.


Victor Hugo

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Breast lift or mastopexy

A breast lift is one of the most sought-after procedures in plastic surgery. The term defines a whole range of very different plastic procedures with the common goal of shaping your breasts as beautifully as possible. An attractive, full, youthful shape is achieved by lifting the nipple including the areola to a distance of approximately 17-21 cm from the sternal notch and from the collarbone, and shaping the gland along with positioning it higher on the chest. Fragments of the stretched skin will be excised, so immediately after the procedure you may have the illusion that your breasts have shrunk. The moment you put on your bra, however, you will realise that not only is the volume of your breasts the same, but you no longer need push-ups.

Due to the manoeuvres of lifting the gland and the nipple, the “classical” mastopexy resembles a breast reduction operation, with the difference that with the latter, a large part of the gland is removed and by lifting the breast, only the skin is cut out. In some cases, mastopexy does not have to be so surgically radical, but almost always the removal of the skin will leave a thin scar running from the nipple to the subpectoral fold. Don’t let this discourage you, however, as over time the scars fade and in some women become virtually invisible.

The effect of a breast lift can be enhanced with fat grafting or the insertion of an implant, in which case such an operation is called a ‘lift with augmentation’.

Whichever procedure you choose, you will soon feel the breath of youth in your newly shaped lifted breasts.

Breast lift with augmentation

A breast lift with implants is a surgery that will give your breasts a young beautiful shape and enlarge them at the same time. This procedure will fill out your cleavage in a stable way so that you no longer need to use push-ups.

As the skin is ‘filled in’ to a large extent by the implant, its reduction does not have to be as aggressive as with a lift without implants. For this reason, it is very often, but not always, possible to get beautiful shapes without the need for vertical skin resection. This means that you will only have a scar around the areola, which although heals for a long time but ultimately remains virtually invisible. To get a stable result, you need a stable implant. It is for this reason that I most often use polyurethane-coated, ultralight or heavily textured implants in these cases, as such implants do not tend to droop.

After a healing period comparable to less invasive breast augmentation methods, you will quickly get used to and enjoy your new, large and firm breasts.