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Dominik K. Boliglowa, MD
Board Certified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon

Graduate of the prestigeous medical and surgical faculty „Gemelli” at the famous Catholic University of Sacred Heart with „Gemelli” hospital (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore con policlinico „Gemelli”) in Rome in the academic year 2007/2008. On 16th July 2009, Dr. Boliglowa passed his state exam scoring in the top percentile, with 268.75 points out of a maximum 270. In the same year he defended his dissertation „Gynaecomastia, clinical and surgical issues with a special attention to postbariatric patients”.

In 2010, Dr. Boliglowa began his postgraduate training at Swiss surgical centres: Mendrisio, Herisau and Gstaad. From 2013 up until 2017, he continued to hone his skills in Germany. During his training he performed 1,788 plastic surgeries alone. On January 17th, 2018 in Frankfurt, Dr. Boliglowa received a Board Certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

Dr. Boliglowa continuously advances his skills. He attends fellowships, working alongside some of the world’s leading specialists (a few being: Maurizio Nava, MD in Milano, Carlos del Pino Roxo, MD in Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Joerg Gruenert, MD in St. Gallen, Michael Bromba, MD in Essen and Jose Luis Martin del Yerro Coca, MD in Madrid) and pursues specialistic courses within microsrugery, aesthetic rhinoplasty, breast and genital surgery.


Until August 2018 he worked in the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery, Burn Center in Offenbach am Main, directed by Prof. Henrik Menke, MD.

His clinical experience and own surgical techniques have been published as peer reviewed papers in 7 scientific journals and presented on 17 official international surgical meetings.

In parallel to medicine, Dr. Boliglowa originally studied opera singing at the Cracow Academy of Music. Up until 2009, he performed occasionally.

Now, back in his hometown Krakow, he works privately, performing plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive interventions.

Member of PTChPRiE and DGPRAEC. 

Dr. Boliglowa, MD speaks fluent Polish, English, Italian, German and has conversational capabilities in Russian and Spanish.



Diplomas and Certificates

Medical Centres:

ESME Clinic
In the service of beauty and aesthetics
Europejskie Centrum Zdrowia i Urody
Chirurgia Plastyczna Allestetis
Prywatna Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej

People Say:

"Bardzo dobry lekarz i świetny człowiek. Profesjonalizm i sporo empatii dla pacjenta. Już planuję kolejny zabieg u Pana Doktora. Dziękuję za wszystko."

March 2019 marzenakulajgron "Very good doctor and a great man, (He displays) professionalism and a lot of empathy for a patient. I am already scheduling another surgery with this Doctor. Thank you for everything."

"Wszystko przebieglo bezproblemowo i profesjonalnie, bardzo konretna rozmowa, lekarz wie co mowi ."

Marzec 2019 vitek.p " Everything underwent smoothly and professionally, our conversation was very succinct, the doctor knows what he says."

"Pan Doktor przyjal mnie pomimo mojego 40 minutowego spoznienia i swojego zmeczenia. Wyczerpujaco i przystepnie udzielil informacji na wszelkie pytania w sposob bardzo profesjonalny aczkolwiek przystepny dla laika. Wykazal sie kompetencja i bardzo przyjemnym sposobem bycia. Napewno skorzystam z uslug Pana Doktora w przyszlosci. Osoba godna polecenia"

February 2019 Anna "The doctor despite my 40-minute delay and his weariness agreed to see me. He provided information in comprehensive and comprehensible way. He answered all my questions in a very professional way, nevertheless, intelligible even to a layperson. He has a very positive demeanor, seems very competent. Certainly in the future, i will use this doctor's medical service. I am definitely recommending him!"

Operacja nosa Kraków. Byłam jedną z pierwszych pacjentek pana doktora Boligłowy w Krakowie. Trafiłam do niego dzięki rekomendacji mojego ginekologa. Długo nie mogłam zdecydować się na operację nosa, głównie ze względu na lęk przed potencjalnym złym rezultatem. Niemniej jednak patrząc obecnie w lustro bardzo się cieszę decyzji, bo w końcu widzę odbicie, które mnie cieszy!…

February 2019 Registered user at Estheticon.pl translation: "Rhinoplasty in Krakow I was one of the first patients of Dr. Boligłowa in Krakow. I found him thanks to the recommendation of my gynecologist. For a long time, I couldn't make myself to decide for a rhinoplasty, mainly due to my fear of a potential bad result. Nevertheless, when I'm looking at he mirror now, I am very glad about my decision, because finally I see the reflection that makes me happy! Now I see my dream nose, not the giant monster I had before. The first consultation with the doctor took place in a very nice atmosphere, without any hurry, the doctor was very patient with all my questions. He also tooke me through every step of the procedure that was to happen. I sincerely recommend Dr Boligłowa, mainly because of the result, but also because of his great empathy. "

"Professional , High professional And , in muratura opinioni , most importante very human. Top!"

Dominik Boligłowa, facebook
February 2019 Eugenio Filiberto Peyron

"Aumento del pecho con implantes en Krakow. Lo recomiendo Qué lástima que se ha ido de mi país. Sabía que iba a volver a Polonia pero no pensé que fuera tan prónto. En mi caso, el doctor realizó aumento del pecho con los implantes, bajo anestesia general. Todo salió perfecto, después de la operación me…

February 2019 Usuario registrado Estheticon.es (Registered User) translation: "Breast augmentation with implants in Krakow. I recommend it. What a pity that he has left my country. I knew he was going back to Poland but I didn't think it would be so quick. In my case, the doctor performed breast augmentation with the implants, under general anesthesia. Everything went perfect, after the operation I felt good and all the time I could count on his help. I did not have any complications. Anyway ... now I have to go to Poland to change something else ..."

"świetny specjalista, absolutnie polecam!"        

Dominik Boligłowa, facebook
December 2018 Michal Skrzypek translation: "amazing specialist, I absolutely recommend him!"

"he is a very good professional and give a great service to the preple !!! i recommend him 100% .... ?"

Dominik Boligłowa, facebook
November 2018 Rene A. Harb Hoecker

"Wizyta bardzo udana,po kilku wizytach u innych lekarzy,to wlasnie u niego zdecyduję się na usunięcie pieprzyka z nosa.Mogę polecic tego lekarza,jestem pewna,ze Pan doktor poradzi sobie doskonale z malym potworem ktòry caly czas rosnie mi na nosie.Lekarz ogladnal,zmierzyl znamię,opisal w jaki sposòb zostanie usunięte,pelen profesjonalizm."    

January 2019 Agnieszka translaton: "A very fruitful visit, after few visits to other doctors, he will be the one, I'll choose to remove my mole from the nose. I can recommend this doctor, I am sure that this doctor will deal perfectly with the little monster that constantly increases its size on my nose. The doctor examined, measured the mark, described how it would be removed, full professionalism. "

"He is amazing. golden hands !!!golden heart!!!"

Dominik Boligłowa, facebook
November 2018 Moriya Hatzav Rockman

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