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I promise to provide the highest quality medical care, individualized treatment and in the shortest amount of time. Each and every patient of mine is being treated with individual care.
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Patient health is the absolute priority. I adjust treatment methods in accordance to patients’ needs and health state.

Graduate of the prestigeous medical and surgical faculty „Gemelli” at the famous Catholic University of Sacred Heart with „Gemelli” hospital (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore con policlinico „Gemelli”) in Rome in the academic year 2007/2008. On 16th July 2009, Dr. Boliglowa passed his state exam scoring in the top percentile, with 268.75 points out of a maximum 270. In the same year he defended his dissertation „Gynaecomastia, clinical and surgical issues with a special attention to postbariatric patients”.

In 2010, Dr. Boliglowa began his postgraduate training at Swiss surgical centres: Mendrisio, Herisau and Gstaad. From 2013 up until 2017, he continued to hone his skills in Germany. During his training he performed 1,788 plastic surgeries alone. On January 17th, 2018 in Frankfurt, Dr. Boliglowa received a Board Certification in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.
Dr. Boliglowa continuously advances his skills. He attended fellowships, working alongside some of the world’s leading specialists, a few being: Maurizio Nava, MD in Milano, Prof. Joerg Gruenert, MD in St. Gallen and Jose Luis Martin del Yerro Coca, MD in Madrid, Prof. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo in Rome and pursued specialistic courses within microsrugery, aesthetic rhinoplasty, breast and genital surgery.
Until August 2018 he worked in the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery, Burn Center in Offenbach am Main, directed by Prof. Henrik Menke, MD.

He is in a constant scientific-professional contact with probably world’s most experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon, Michael Bromba MD from Essen, Germany and famous brasilian plastic Surgeon, Carlos del Pino Roxo, MD from Rio de Janeiro.

His clinical experience and own surgical techniques have been published as peer reviewed papers in 7 scientific peer-reviewed journals, 3 chapters in plastic surgical books and presented on over 20 official international surgical meetings, including numerous performances of the live surgeries.

In parallel to medicine, Dr. Boliglowa originally studied opera singing at the Cracow Academy of Music. Up until 2009, he performed occasionally.
Now, back in his hometown Krakow, he works privately, performing around 400 plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive interventions annually.

Member of PTChPRiE and DGPRAEC.

Dr. Boliglowa, MD speaks fluent Polish, English, Italian, German and has conversational capabilities in Russian and Spanish.

Diplomas and Certificates